Level 8
Episode Pepperfield Place
Goal 2 Pepper Panics
Target score Unknown
Blockers Mr. Claws
Other features None
Number of
pepper colours
Number of spaces Unknown
Difficulty Template:Difficulty level
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Level 7 Level 9

Level 8 is the eighth level in Pepperfield Place. To pass it you must create 2 Pepper Panics.


  • Mr. Claws, a cat which steals grown peppers on the board is shown on this level.


Grow the peppers before Mr. Claws steals them. Then explode the peppers and hope that this will make a chain reaction that explode 10 peppers. Do not miss 5-in a row matches as they will help grow peppers of a color and stun Mr. Claws for 5 moves.


  • This is the first level to feature Mr. Claws.