Level 460
Episode Loch Macrae
Goal Unknown
Target score Unknown
Blockers None
Other features None
Number of
pepper colours
Number of spaces Unknown
Difficulty Template:Difficulty level
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Level 459 None

Level 460 is the 15th and the final level in Loch Macrae. It is also the final level in the game. To pass it, you must make 10 Pepper Panics in 40 moves or fewer.


  • The player has to make Pepper Panic every 4 moves.
  • Some peppers can turn into stone quickly because they have low timer.


  • Grow the peppers and when you have grown enough, make a move to create a pepper panic.


Pepper Panic Saga completed

End of the game

  • After the player completes this level, ending will be shown on the screen and 'Congratulations! You have completed Pepper Panic Saga!' will be shown at the end.