Level 12
Episode Carnival City
Goal explode 11 peppers
Target score Unknown
Blockers None
Other features None
Number of
pepper colours
Number of spaces Unknown
Difficulty Template:Difficulty level
Previous Current Next
Level 11 Level 13

Level 12 is the second level in Carnival City. To pass it, you must collect 22 purple and 22 yellow peppers, and explode 11 peppers in 13 moves or fewer.


This level could be difficult because it has a small board, low number of moves, and Mr. Claws can steal your peppers even though the level has only 4 colors.


For completing the levelEdit

Quickly grow peppers, especially in areas where Mr. Claws is far from getting there. Then, make a good pepper panic with a chain reaction that explodes peppers of more than just 1 color. Make sure that you have time to create a pepper panic before you run out of moves.

For earning three starsEdit

Make more than 1 Pepper Panic.