Pepper flameburst

Your friend Sheldon explains the flameburst booster

Boosters are special items in the game that can help a player improve their chances of completing a level. There are a variety of boosters available and we have written a guide on how each of them work. There are 3 types of boosters which all do different things when activated, and we suggest that you get familiar with them before trying them out.

Boosters are not a new concept. Many popular puzzle games offer them as an addition to help out when things get tough. The Pepper Panic Saga boosters work in the same way as most other games, but they have unique qualities that make them effective in different situations. Unfortunately boosters are only awarded for free once when they are first introduced with the exception of the free plus 3 booster (+3) that can be sent and received by your Pepper Panic Saga friends. One of the initial 3 free boosters is actually wasted for the introduction.

Pepper Panic Saga boosters can not be earned while playing the game, and they don’t refresh over time. In order to get more boosters you will have to spend precious gold bars. Each player is given 50 free gold bars in the beginning of the game with which they can buy extra boosters. Once they are gone you will have to purchase more with real money if you want to add more boosters.

The Three Types of Pepper Panic Saga Boosters With Links to Their GuidesEdit

1.Free Pepper Panic Saga Boosters[1]The free Plus 3 Booster (+3)Edit

This booster can be sent for free in the game when you or your friends have been stuck on a level for more than 2 days. 

2. The Pepper Panic Saga Boosters that you can activate in-game .Edit

These Pepper Panic Saga Boosters are available on the left-hand side of the screen and can be activated while you are playing a level.

[2]The Flame Grower BoosterEdit

This booster can be used to grow any pepper on the board by three stages. It is introduced in level 7.

[3]The Pepper Net BoosterEdit

Pepper hammer

This booster can be used to protect any pepper from Mister Claws.

[4]The Hammer BoosterEdit

This booster can be used to remove peppers and obstructions from the board. It is unlocked after completing level 27.

[5]The Undo Move BoosterEdit

This booster can be used to undo the last move you’ve made in the game.

[6]The Firecracker BoosterEdit

This booster can be used to scare Mister Claws away for 3 moves. It is unlocked in Level 58.

3. Pepper Panic Saga Boosters that you can activate before a level begins.Edit

These boosters must be activated before you start playing a level.  After you choose your booster you will have one sitting on the board that you can use when you open the level.

[7]The Flameburst Pepper BoosterEdit

This booster grows all the peppers of the same color that you match it with.

[8]The Heartblast Pepper BoosterEdit

This booster creates a powerful shockwave in both directions when you match it. It is unlocked on level 34.

[9]The Inferno Pepper BoosterEdit

This booster grows all the peppers that are nearby it when it explodes. It is introduced on level 46.